5 ways to help your city go green

1.) Provide Recycling & Trash Receptacles
Having recycling and trash receptacles all around your city is great. But having a plentiful amount of receptacles in your city is key. For example, at Disney World, trash receptacles are no more than 30 steps apart. Keep this in mind when designing park layouts and streetscapes. The average person needs convenience, and that convenience will help keep your city clean.

2.) Receptacle Lids are a must
Providing lids for your trash receptacles is crucial. If the trash receptacle doesn’t have a lid, all the trash accumulated can blow all over your city, making the receptacle completely pointless. You can find trash receptacle lids in a variety of types and styles to help eliminate this issue. Use lids for your specific purpose— collecting and enclosing trash or recyclables. If the receptacle is full, people will still set trash on top of, and around the receptacle. So it is important to have city crews monitor and empty receptacles frequently.

3.) Invest in Recycled Plastic Products
When it comes to park benches and tables, the best way to go green is to use recycled plastic material. Our recycled plastic bench and table planks are made from recycled milk jugs. For example, our Channel Park Bench uses 613 recycled milk jugs to make its six planks. Also by using recycled plastic park equipment, that helps to demonstrate the benefits of recycling to your public and paves the way for more to follow. Always reduce, reuse, and recycle.

4.) Make Biking More Accessible
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, whenever a vehicle burns one gallon of gasoline, about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) are produced. Cutting down on driving is one solution to help reduce this issue. One way to do that is to trade in driving for biking. Make your city more bike friendly by providing plenty of bike racks around the city, easy to use bike trails, and even offering a bike share program will help get more people out of their cars, and onto more bikes.

5.) Get People Involved
A great way to get people involved with helping your city stay clean & green is by creating programs such as city-wide clean up days. This would be an effort that brings community members together to help clean up their city to make it a more beautiful place to live and work. Make your city’s program a weekly, monthly, or annual event depending on your city needs.

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