5 Events to Help Grow Your Campgrounds

Every campground is different. From park design to budget, no campground is alike. However, a lot of campgrounds can be quite similar having cabins, a playground, pavilion area, pool, etc. Campground managers who are trying to establish, market, and grow their campground need to find some type of niche to differentiate themselves from the others to continue to grow and draw campers in. One brilliant strategy to do just that is to host events. Below are five event ideas to help your campground grow.

1.) Family Game Nighttable
This event is perfect for families of all ages. It can be day or night, and indoor or outdoor depending on the weather. A great outdoor game is a scavenger hunt. Make a list of things for families to find, (acorn, squirrel, pine cone, etc) and the first family to find them all wins! If Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, there are lots of great games to play indoors in the clubhouse. Game Board Tables are versatile for indoors or outdoors, and provide a big checker board for playing chess or checkers on a smooth, clear coated table top.

2.) Stash the Trash Cleanup Day
This type of event brings people together to help clean up the campground and outdoorsduck
by picking up cans, bottles, litter, and any other type of trash. Even if your campground
has plenty of waste & recycling receptacles, littering can still happen. Aside from helping the environment and making your campground look nice, this cleanup event also helps animals: ducks with plastic six-pack rings wrapped around their beaks, skunks with yogurt containers stuck on their heads, birds choking on bottle caps. This event will help prevent that.

3.) Community BBQgrilling
Food always brings people together. Make it a summer kick-off for people to meet one another and mingle, or end-of-summer event, for campers to say their goodbyes. Guests can bring food to share and grill everything on a large group grill. Make this event a festive fun time with food, drinks, and socializing. If you want to make it a little more competitive, host a burger cook-off to see who can grill the most delicious burger.

4.) Arts & Crafts Hour
Kids can get restless while out camping, but if you give them something to do, they can stay occupied and have fun. Arts & Crafts Hour is great for kids to have fun and explore their creative side. Find a project to share with the kids, and provide them with supplies. Be sure to have wheelchair accessible tables so all kids are able to join in on the fun.

5.) Spooky Story Nightspook 2
A fun & spooky nighttime event for people who like to be spooked. Guests can gather around the large group campfire and trade ghost stories. While spooky stories are going around, guests can get their snack on and roast s’mores, hot dogs, and other goodies together.

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