Assist Your Customers with Wayfinding and Outdoor Signage

You make enormous efforts to encourage your customers to picnic, camp and recreate inTRAIL_SIGNS your parks and public spaces.  But once visitors are out there, they need information, instructions and directions. That’s where outdoor signage becomes important to managing the use of your park lands.

“Wayfinding” has become an accepted industry label for this kind of instructional and directional public signage.  Wayfinding is a broad term encompassing all the ways that people orient themselves in the outdoors.  It has been used in architecture … and by extension in landscape architecture… for several decades.  Wayfinding elements can be applied indoors and outside. These elements can include: landmarks, landscaping, maps, road signs, building front signage, directories, monuments, plaques, trails and simple things like room numbers or street names or just an arrow.  Without relying exclusively on signage, wayfinding in broad terms, can be anything that gives a person an orientation so he knows where he is, where to go and maybe what to do.

However, in the outdoor park and recreation industries “wayfinding” has come to mean primarily signage.  This signage can include anything from the main park entrance sign to botanical information signage along a trail, or where the next picnic shelter is located.  To truly enjoy your park and campground, people need  information – where your park is, where they are in the park, where to go, what do to (or what not to do), what services are located up ahead, and …. well … it can be a long list.  Your facility may also need some custom signage to educate your customers about what makes it unique and interesting.

The expanding development of trails in outdoor recreation is another application of wayfinding signage – telling the hikers what is allowed on the trail, the elevation, direction, grade, distance, amenities up ahead (like trash receptacles or benches), and much more. Really anything you want to say.

Signs_PlaygroundAnd don’t forget about playgrounds. Small children probably can’t read printed instructions, but they may understand “picture signs.”

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. through our Pilot Rock Signs division offers both standard and custom signage for all types of wayfinding requirements.  Our Pilot Rock catalog illustrates 120 common “trail” or “wayfinding” signs used to inform hikers, campers, picnickers and visitors.  These signs are offered in three sizes and three colors, with materials capable of withstanding the outdoor environment.

Do you need a unique message or symbol for your park?  From a simple decal to that main park entrance sign, Pilot Rock Signs works with agencies every day on customized signage to enhance your customers’ outdoor experiences at your facility.

But don’t limit your signage thinking to just the traditional directional wayfinding signs.  Benches are a useful amenity along all kinds of trails and pathRODEO_BENCH_02ways.  These benches can serve as sign posts.  Pilot Rock benches can include a variety of signage – from plaques to engraved messages to a complete backrest sign.  So use your imagination … and we can help.

Contact Pilot Rock Signs at 800-762-5002 or  Like us on Facebook page at

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