Provide A Great Tailgating Atmosphere For Your Campus and Fans.

Food, fans, and football, or baseball, or hockey or soccer … or any outdoor sport!  Those are the perfect tailgating ingredients for your school.  These days the tailgating seems to be the primary event, with an athletic event on the side.  Tailgating has become a huge social event. According to information from Tailgating Ideas ( National Insurance estimates that in 2014 over $12 billion was spent by roughly 50 million tailgaters. Over one-third of these partiers don’t even go into the game.

With parties like that it’s important to provide an organized, well-planned and convenient tailgating atmosphere for the fans. This will include a variety of site amenities such as: picnic tables and benches for eating and seating areas; easy access to trash and recycling receptacles to keep the area clean; and colors and signage to get everyone into the spirit of the game (even if they don’t go into the stadium).  And since most tailgating areas are in parking lots, you need these site amenities to be portable so you can relocate them after the season ends.

ISU Table CloseUpPilot Rock picnic tables are designed for outdoor exposure and public use. So they are a perfect complement to tailgating areas.  Welded steel components make them strong enough to withstand enthusiastic sports fans.  This construction is reflected in our Lifetime Warranty on several picnic table series frame designs. The portable table designs can be moved after the season to other campus locations.  To encourage school spirit wherever they are located, these picnic tables can be customized in a variety of colors for the frames and the top/seat materials.

The number of tables required will vary by the size of the school and the size of the fan base that shows up on game day.  High schools may not allow true tailgating and cooking in the parking lot. Often it is a school support group such as a booster club that prepares and sells the tailgate food prior to the game. But even here there needs to be seating provided for the fans while eating.  Tailgating at large colleges ranges from individuals actually grilling and eating from their vehicle’s tailgate, to large catered events under rental tents sponsored by the college or local businesses.  Under these tents you’ll usually find enough picnic tables to seat the tent’s crowd capacity.   In all situations you should provide only picnic tables that are designed and manufactured to hold up under tough public exposure.  Residential quality tables won’t survive the use, abuse and handling tailgating tables will be subjected to.

Tables are probably the most common site feature in tailgating areas.  But along the sidewalks and pathways from the parking lot to the stadium, benches can be a useful and popular.  Benches easily lend themselves to promoting team spirit with colors and available custom signage.  Many Pilot Rock benches can be customized with engraved letters, plaques or cut steel signage. School colors and team signage on the bench will really encourage everyone in the area to be true to their school.

sign_benchIf you really want to make an impact on your fan base (and maybe the visiting fans) then consider our Sign Bench – a truly unique public bench with a custom billboard serving as the backrest for the bench.

These signs can be up to 2 ft. tall by 8 ft. long, and include all kinds of colors, graphics and photos.  The custom signage can be replaced with a new sign as often as you want.  The benches are all steel construction with colorful and durable finishes.  The signage is also commercial quality to hold up to public exposure.

There is no reason these site amenities can’t also work to promote school spirit and the enthusiasm of Game Day. Pilot Rock picnic tables and benches offer many color choices from the powder coated steel frame components, to the thermoplastic coated steel tops and seats.  If environmental stewardship is part of your school’s mission, then consider tables, benches and trash receptacles made using 100% recycled plastic components.  You can be green in 10 different colors.  Review our color and material choices here.

TRH_RVHere’s a news flash – tailgating comes with trash, and lots of it! Most people will properly dispose of their trash if it’s convenient for them.  So provide your tailgaters access to easy clean-up with waste and recycling receptacles that are nearby and strategically located. The more waste receptacles you have, the cleaner your tailgating area will remain.  Even our trash and recycling receptacles can get in on the fun and be customized with your school or team name, colors and other signage.

One thing you don’t want in your trash receptacles or dumped on the ground are all those hot coals and ashes generated by the tailgaters who bring their own charcoal grill. So provide your tailgaters a Hot Coal Bin for a safe and convenient place to dispose of used charcoals and ash beforRED_HCBe heading into the game. The Hot Coal Bin can be powder coated in a variety of colors, but you can also dress it up with your decals on the side panels. The bin can be anchored at sites around the tailgating area. At the end of the season, you can easily remove them until needed again.

One of the most important aspects in tailgating is displaying plenty of school spirit with signs, banners, and flags. Pilot Rock Signs, a division of R.J. Thomas Mfg., produces all types of signage you can customize using all kinds of graphics – including school logos, images, photos and colors.  Check out what our Sign Shop can do.

Traffic control is also a necessity in tailgating areas.  That’s why we also offer, traffic bollards, speed bumps and car stops. Perhaps less exciting products, but still important site amenities.

WARRIORSWe make it easy for you to match all of your outdoor tailgating amenities in bundles, so everything can be consistent with colors, materials, and style.  Let us “go, fight, win” for your school and help you provide a great tailgating atmosphere. Contact our Customer Service Dept. at 800-762-5002 or send us an e-mail.

Do you want to find out more about tailgating?  An internet search will find hundreds of associations, most affiliated with a specific team.  Plus many have Facebook or other social media pages.  Most are structured to tap into the “social event” nature of tailgating and emphasize sharing experiences, recipes and “do or don’t” tips.  Tailgating has become an incredible American phenomenon, that some claim dates back as far as 1869 (Princeton vs. Rutgers).

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