4 questions to ask before buying a Charcoal Grill

If you’re looking to buy a grill, whether you are buying one for yourself or several for your city or campgrounds, there are a few questions that need to be asked first.
group grill

1.) What size grill am I looking for?
We are often asked, “How many burgers can I fit on your grill?” Well, we can’t exactly answer that until we know what size your burgers are. However, a good rule of thumb to go by, is deciding how many people you are typically going to grill for. From that point, you can decide if you want something for a small group, or something for a large group.

So if you’re looking for your normal everyday grill for a smaller group, an A-20 charcoal grill would be right up your alley. It has 320 sq. inches of cooking space. The firebox swivels, and has vertical grate adjustment. However, if you’re looking to go on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and are looking for a large group grill for shelter houses and campsites, an option would be a Q3-2460. This has a cooking area of 1,220 sq. inches. It is also divided into 3 cooking chambers to make cooking for multiple people easier.

2.) What kind of grill base do I want?
There are a wide variety of grill bases to choose from. If you are looking for something for public campgrounds or parks, there are two ideal options. The first is an embedded mount. This is where the post is secured into the ground by pouring cement, making your grill stationary. The second type is the surface mount. This is exactly what it sounds like- the base is mounted to a hard surface, usually cement/concrete. Those two types are ideal for public spaces because the grills are stationary and cannot be moved or taken. If you’re looking for more mobility, another type of base is a caster base (wheels). This allows your grill to move whether you’re moving it around in a shelter house, or on your patio. Another option is a tailgating post. This is perfect for the avid tailgaters. It is designed to easily slide into the hitch of your vehicle, making your tailgate grilling much more convenient.
Tailgate Post for ASM

3.) What grill accessories do I need?
Grill accessories all depend on your wants and needs. For instance, adding on a grill cover would be perfect for people who want to hold in smoke and heat. Or, if you are looking for the real-deal, our EC-26 or EC-40 grill would be perfect. Other common accessories that are add-on shelves or warming baskets. These both help provide additional prep & cook space.
warming basket

4.) Do I need grill cleaning equipment?
The answer is always yes. When you’re investing in a quality-made grill, you need to have the necessary tools to keep your grill(s) in top-notch shape. A tool for that is a grill & grate scraper. This cleans the left-over gunk & grime from the cooking grate. It can also clean the ashes and leftover coal chunks left inside the firebox. But what do you do with those left over hot coals? You use a hot coal bin. It is an environmentally safe way for campers to dispose of hot coals and ashes. So it’s ideal to have in parks and campgrounds where plenty of campers grill.

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